Noise monitoring in bars starts in Prishtina, fines up to 3 thousand euros for those who exceed it

The Municipality of Prishtina has started noise monitoring inside gastronomy premises, which will be done by the Monitoring Room, which has been operationalized today. For those who exceed the noise level, it was said that the control system will issue fines automatically, which will be from 500 to 3 thousand euros, and it is even foreseen to close the premises for eight days.
Whereas, for those who have not yet applied for the installation of devices that control the noise, it was said that the penalties start from today.
The Mayor of the Municipality of Prishtina, Përparim Rama said that they have already installed a large number of censors and have also created the regulation. He boasted that this control system is the only one in the world, and an American senator was also interested in receiving it.
According to him, businesses are not allowed to have noise more than 60 decibels, while he also gave details about the fines.
Meanwhile, the director of the Inspection, Florian Dushi, said that through this server room, they will have the opportunity to directly supervise and monitor the noise, which is exceeded in the case of gastronomy establishments.
Meanwhile, the director of the Kosovo Police for the region of Prishtina, Basri Shabani, congratulated for the launch of this important project for citizens and gastronomes and that this project will also help the Kosovo Police.
The representatives of gastronomes said that for them this is a relief.