No divisions with Poland on migrants – Meloni Premier has talks with Polish counterpart Morawiecki in Warsaw

Premier has talks with Polish counterpart Morawiecki in Warsaw

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 5 – Premier Giorgia Meloni said Wednesday that Poland’s and Italy’s positions on migrants were not in conflict after meeting Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for talks in Warsaw.
The bilateral meeting took place after Poland and Hungary blocked an agreement on the new EU pact on migration and asylum at the European Council last week.
Warsaw and Budapest opposed making solidarity in the management of migrants and refugees obligatory, something which was part of the proposed pact and which Italy and Greece have been demanding, given the high number of migrants coming to their shores via sea.
“I could never complain about those who defend their national interests,” Meloni told a news conference.
“I admire the strength Morawiecki has shown in defending Poland’s interests.
“There is no division because we are working on how to stop illegal immigration, not on how to manage things when migrants arrive in Europe.” During the joint press conference, Morawiecki announced that Poland would hold a referendum on illegal immigration and on “who is the boss, the EU or a sovereign country.
“The EU’s priority should be the security of (Member) countries,” he added.
“If we do not control illegal immigration, we’ll risk seeing on our streets what we are seeing now in other Member States,” he said, apparently referring to the unrest in France.
Meloni said she had “respect for the hypothesis of consulting one’s citizens about an issue that is sensitive for the security of one’s nation.
“There is a gradual change of pace (on migration) at the European Council, thanks in part to Italy.
“We know we can count on the Polish position on this.
“We’ll continue to work together to find solutions that are effective for everyone”.
At the EU level, Meloni’s right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party and Morawiecki’s Law and Justice group both belong to the European Conservatives and Reformists Party (ECR Party). (ANSA).