Negotiations mustn’t lead to end of Ukraine – Tajani

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on Wednesday expressed skepticism after Russian President Vladimir Putin told Xinhua that Moscow was open to talks about the war in Ukraine, while stressing that any negotiations must not lead the end of Ukraine as a free country.

“Putin’s words seem the usual talk to me, but we’ll see,” Tajani told Radio 24.

“If there’s a willingness to negotiate, that’s welcome, but it cannot be the end of Ukraine.

“There must be a chance for Ukraine to be free and independent.

“We are in favour of pursuing peace, but it must be peace that is just”.

He added that he did not consider Kyiv’s plight hopeless after Moscow’s recent gains in its war of aggression.

“The battle of Ukraine is not lost,” Tajani said.

“The West continues to support Ukraine.

“Yesterday there was (US Secretary of State Antony) Blinken’s visit, which gave a clear message of support”.