Ndreu to ATA: Tourist map of Lezha expanded

The coast of Lezha has become a point of reference for local and foreign tourists this summer season.

Although there are still no concrete numbers of tourists staying in the hotels of Lezha, there has been noticed an increase in their number compared to previous years.

Mayor of Lezha Pjerin Ndreu confirmed this in an interview for ATA.

Speaking about the challenges of this tourist season, he said: “We still cannot talk about official figures as we are in the middle of the season. However, the situation is very good and better than the previous years. Kune area has received a lot of tourists thanks to investments. And 3 years ago, it was an area with poverty”, said Ndreu for ATA.

Speaking about the expansion of the map of foreign tourists who choose Lezha, Ndreu said that there is an increase in foreigners coming from all countries of the world.

“Clearly, considering Tale, the coastline of the Kune-Vain lagoon, Shengjin and Rana e Hedhun, the influx of tourists has increased significantly”, said Ndreu.

According to him, Lezha is already a favorite destination.

“30 km of coastline, the Kune-Vain lagoon, the historical part of Lezha, the religious part, artisans and cuisine are the most spectacular combination that you rarely find anywhere. The prices have not experienced any significant increase either on the beaches or in the restaurants,” he said.

Also, Ndreu emphasized that the cleaning and order service on the beaches is at a high level.

Lezha also offers other tourist attractions besides the coast.

Asked about their promotion and inclusion in tourist guides, Ndreu emphasized that, “There is an ‘infopoint’ in Shengjin where you can find every information”.

“There are guides, there are websites, ‘Welcome to Lezha’, etc., that are accessible. There are maps of spots that can be visited, etc., he said.