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National Gallery presents Angel Dimovski Chaush sculpture exhibit

Skopje, 2 February 2024 (MIA) — An Angel Dimovski Chaush retrospective exhibition titled “50 Years of Creativity” opened Thursday at the National Gallery’s Chifte Amam.

The Macedonian sculptor has been living in North Macedonia and France for decades and exploring “figurative, objective, linguistic and archaeological ethnographic” themes in his art, organizers said in a press release.

His oeuvre contains “a combination of inventively used archaic, primitivist eclecticism” and elements of “pop and rock culture,” according to organizers.

“Angel Dimovski Chaush’s sculptures belong to the modernist avant-garde bringing the primitive into the modern. These are sculptures with, as their common denominator, an intention to express the language of the body shaped into stylized, robust and elegant anatomical distortions or reduced to an abstracted body-shell in action,” the release said.

“His works feature the woman as their main motif, and the background motif of the bird, often interweaving associations of the anthropomorphic in the zoomorphic, and vice versa,” organizers said.