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Nasrallah’s threats lack foundation and cannot be substantiated, says MFA

The threats by Hezbollah’s leader towards Cyprus are lacking foundation and cannot be substantiated, Minister of Foreign Affairs Constantinos Kombos said on Friday, in statements with his Filipino counterpart Enrique Manalo who is paying Cyprus a state visit.
Kombos said that Cyprus has repeatedly clarified that the statements are not substantiated and that Cyprus is not and will not go through any kind of military activities against any country in our region, against any country that could be the victim of full military attacks.
“So Cyprus has nothing to do with that, therefore we find the whole discussion as lacking foundation, we have been trying repeatedly in the last few months to offer support for the people in Gaza, in cooperation with a number of other countries, with the UN, so we are equally surprised as to what has been said because it has no actual application toward what Cyprus has been doing or what Cyprus represents,” he pointed out.
Kombos added that “we made all the necessary moves and took all the necessary diplomatic steps” and pointed to the announcement by the Lebanese authorities, by the EU, Greece, US and by other countries who expressed their support and solidarity.
“Therefore this is the state of play and we are working in order to ensure and secure the interests of the Republic of Cyprus and its people,” he noted.
On his part, the Filippino Foreign Affairs Minister said that during their meeting they discussed the Gaza situation and the situation in the Middle East and expressed their concern that unless we can solve the humanitarian situation, we face a danger of escalation to the other parts of the region and this is particularly worrisome for all human beings.
“We have a huge population of Filipinos working in Cyprus and any exacerbation of the tension and escalation of the problem can certainly directly affect them,” he said.
In a televised address on Wednesday Nasrallah said that Hezbollah would consider Cyprus “a part of the war” if it opens its airports and bases for Israeli to attack Lebanon.