Milcho Manchevski receives Special Award at i-Fest International Film Festival in Italy

Award-winning Macedonian filmmaker Milcho Manchevski won Special Award at the i-Fest International Film Festival in Calabria, held  September 7-17. As guest of honor at the Festival he was dedicated an important tribute with a screening of his entire complete work, including Before the Rain, Dust, Shadows, Mothers, Bikini Moon, Willow, Kaymak and the short films Thursday and The End of Time.

“The award was a surprise, and it reminded me of the words of the former director of the Venice Film Festival, Gillo Pontecorvo, when he presented me with the tenth award in the same evening in Venice and said “Basta, Signor Manchevski”. I dedicate this award to everyone who works diligently on the films, the people in the shadows: researches, publicists, lawyers, distributors and others,” Manchevski said.

The Festival was held at the Pollino National Park in Calabria where, in addition to Manchevski, two Italian legends: actress Claudia Cardinale and director Franco Zeffirelli were also honored. Guests also included Oscar winners Paul Haggis and Cuba Gooding Jr, as well as Italian legends Franco Nero and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Kaymak is set to open on September 23 the Tirana International Film Festival in Albania, and the day prior, Manchevski will meet with Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj. Manchevski will also attend the Balkan Panorama Film Festival in Izmir, Turkey and “Avant&Una“ in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, while “Kaymak” will continue to be screened at festivals throughout the fall.