Members of EUFOR reserve forces already here, they will be soon conducting patrols across BiH

SARAJEVO, April 11 (FENA) – Members of EUFOR’s Strategic Reserve Forces (SRF) are already in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now their equipment has also arrived, it was confirmed from EUFOR’s Operation Althea.

“They will be soon conducting patrols across BiH and training with EUFOR in-theater forces and elements of the Armed Forces of BiH,” EUFOR stated on its official profile on the X platform.

As EUFOR commander Major General László Sticz stated earlier, these are soldiers from France, Romania and Italy who will stay in BiH for one month.

Together with troops from Romania and Italy, they will be under the command of EUFOR and will form a multinational element the size of a battalion.

The EUFOR commander confirmed that around 250 soldiers will be deployed for this purpose.