Meloni meets with Morawiecki before informal European summit

Premier Giorgia Meloni met with her Polish counterpart Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki ahead of the informal European Council meeting organised by the Spanish presidency in Granada on Friday.

“The two heads of government discussed at length the topics on the agenda, starting with European support for Ukraine, security and defence issues, the resilience and competitiveness of Europe’s industrial base, the prospects for the Union’s enlargement process, and migration issues,” said a statement issued by the premier’s office at Palazzo Chigi.

In a Facebook Live after the meeting Morawiecki said the two leaders had agreed “that it is especially important to defend the external borders (of the EU), because otherwise there will always be a situation where tens of millions of people, if not hundreds of millions of people, will want to come here from many parts of the world”.

“Europe will not be able to withstand this, Europe will break up,” he added.