Mattarella marks 43rd Bologna bombing anniversary

President stresses attack’s Neo-fascist nature, blasts cover-ups.

(ANSA) – ROME, AUG 2 – President Sergio Mattarella recalled the 1980 bombing at Bologna train station that killed 85 people and injured 200 more on its 43rd anniversary on Wednesday, stressing the Neo-Fascist nature of the attack and condemning the attempted cover-ups that subsequently came to light.
Five members of far-right terrorist groups were convicted in relation to the bombing, the worst in Italy’s ‘Years of Lead’ of political violence of the 1970s and 80s.
Deviant elements within the nation’s security services are also thought to have been involved as part of an effort to pursue a ‘strategy of tension’.
“Italy managed to repel the murderous subversives, their accomplices and the cynical, hidden organizers who cultivated the design to increase tension and fear,” Mattarella said in a message for the anniversary .
“Mobilizing public opinion has helped.
The commitment of the institutions has been needed.
“The Neo-fascist nature of the massacre was ascertained in the trials and cover-ups and ignoble attempts to throw investigations off track came to light, in which secret associations and unfaithful agents of state apparatuses participated”. (ANSA).