Agriculture of crystal clear objectives, Krifca to ATA: Exports to hit $1 billion in 2030

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is well on its way to achieving its target of $1 billion in agricultural exports by 2030, a certainty that rests on the encouraging figure of €500 million already achieved in 2022 and thanks to the injection of support for farmers and investments in agriculture”.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Frida Krifca said to ATA that, “If the 12% increase in the first 4 months of 2023 is confirmed up to the end of the year, the exports will be 60-70 million euros more by the end of the year, practically hitting the value of 600 million euros in 2023”.

Besides exports, said Krifca, the market coverage with the local products continues to grow, with 2.5 times more than it was before.

Referring to official statistics, the figures of the four months of 2023 show that agricultural exports mark the consolidation of an upward trend.

“Through our policies, we are expanding direct support for farmers and investments in agriculture, with the aim of increasing domestic production. Through the IPARD program, we managed to support the modernization of agriculture and agro-processing, according to the best standards in the development of the food chain and the increase of exports”, said Krifca.

During the first 4 months, we exported more fruits in value at 17.1% and vegetables at 36.3%. We imported fruits and vegetables 22.5% less in quantity and 11.5% less in value.

The minister focused on the important impact of agricultural exports on the country’s economy.

“Our exports are not only a higher income for farmers, but they are a capillary development of the sector and employment; they are a passport of Albania in international markets. Through exports, we increase the level of production, but also food security. We approach the standards and quality of the European Union markets. We create higher incomes for farmers, for young people, revitalizing the sector. We develop a product that enables the development of tourism and Agro-tourism. We build our identity based on the sustainable use of natural resources”, stated Minister Krifca.