Mattarella appeals to Israel to cease Gaza hostilities

President Sergio Mattarella appealed for a ceasefire in Gaza in a message on Tuesday to his Israeli counterpart Isaac Herzog for Israel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut Independence Day.

The Italian head of State said “an immediate cessation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip” was “indispensable”.

“We hope that the cycle of violence can be broken as soon as possible, that tensions can be reduced – including at the regional level – and that the way can be opened for a dialogue leading to a two-State solution that is just, necessary, sustainable and in line with international law,” Mattarella said.

“A solution that is in everyone’s interest and to which we must all commit”.

Mattarella also stressed Italy’s unwavering recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

“On this day of justified pride for the Israeli people, we watch the dramatic developments in the region, increasingly marked by violence and tension, with great concern,” he said.

“In this context, I wish to reiterate Italy’s commitment to ensuring that Israel can exercise its inalienable right to exist in peace and security”.