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“Marubi” Museum project reveals “secrets” of Parruca neighborhood

TIRANA, Feb 12 /ATA/ The “Marubi” National Photography Museum, in partnership with the “Ndre Mjeda” 9-year school held the fifth edition of “What is hidden in the city,” which focused on iconic neighborhood of Parruca.

The artworks of different groups on display, including photographs, interviews and models, focused on the lost heritage. This heritage was showcased through tracing the events, personalities, iconic buildings, traditions, artisans of the neighborhood where the students live, and conveyed through the memories of parents, grandparents, building a mosaic of stories related to the urban memory of a space where they live in every day life.

The program “What is hidden in the city” is an initiative of the “Marubi” Museum, designed by Tea Çuni, Head of the Communication and Promotion sector, with the support of the Shkodra Local Education Office and the involvement of the city’s 9-year public schools.

The “Marubi” museum thanked the participants, the teaching staff and the interviewees for an afternoon filled with untold curiosities about one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city.