Margariti inspects works at Tirana Mosaic, famous Albanian landmark

The newest center dedicated to cultural heritage is taking shape day by day.

In the area known as the Mosaic of Tirana, there is being built an information center for all the mosaics of Albania which will consist of exhibition space, workshop and education.

“This work not only brings to light the traces of the city’s history, but also re-dimensions the entire surrounding area in the service of cultural tourism and the community”, wrote Minister of Culture Elva Margariti while sharing in social media a video from the construction site where the works are being carried out.

Soon the local and foreign visitors will have the opportunity to simultaneously see the oldest archaeological finding in the capital and at the same time get information even about other mosaics throughout Albania.

The Tirana mosaic is thought to have been part of a rural type dwelling (villa rustica) built in the 1st century AD. The mosaic contains geometric and floral motifs, but also typical motifs of early Christianity, such as stylized braid, fish rosettes