Lipsi promoting sustainable ‘no swimming pool’ holidays for environment-conscious travellers

The Greek island of Lipsi is seeking to promote an authentic and sustainable holiday experience this summer, which shuns environmentally damaging artificial swimming pools and sunbeds in favour of more natural ways to enjoy nature that don’t waste resources.
With the long-term support of the municipality, local residents and tourism professionals are rejecting and discouraging the construction of artificial swimming pools on “Calypso’s island”, for a new and environmentally-aware approach.
“Our views on holidays do not belong in the past but the future, when the islands of the Mediterranean will be forced to follow our example to protect the environment and deal with out-of-control heatwaves and water shortages,” said mayor Fotis Maggos.
The island is backing up its proposal with a short video that follows a young couple as they enjoy an idyllic holiday swimming in “natural pools” of azure waters, threading their way through the narrow alleys of traditional Greek island architecture, enjoying culinary delights and local produce, watching sunsets and spending their days hiking, riding, scuba diving and taking boat trips.
“Through our initiatives, we are offering travellers an unspoilt natural paradise. The response from the high-quality public in Greece and abroad is huge, leading to an impressive increase in demand for the island in recent years,” Maggos said.
It was recently announced that Lipsi are becoming a model destination for water autonomy with zero water waste, while the island is implementing a groundbreaking programme on an international scale for the planting of seabed gardens, which could provide future solutions for dealing with global pollution!