Life Sciences University to unveil latest agricultural robot

The most recent agricultural robot will be unveiled at a conference on the protection of agricultural and forestry soils amid climate change to be hosted on July 5 and 6 by the Ion Ionescu de la Brad University of Life Sciences in Iasi (USV) together with the Romanian Academy and the Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (ASAS).

 “The Ag Bot 5.115T2 is part of the latest generation of agricultural robots made in the Netherlands. It does not have a cabin, being controlled by remote control, including from a smartphone or tablet, executing agricultural works independently and autonomously 24 hours a day. Thanks to the safety systems, it is impossible to cause any accident, it has numerous motion and touch sensors, front and rear cameras for detecting any obstacle,” according to USV Iasi Rector Gerard Jitareanu.

At the same conference, specialists in soils, from higher education establishments and research stations in Romania and Moldova will also discuss the impact of climate change on agroclimatic indicators and agricultural land in the Transylvanian Plain and the Somes Plateau; adaptation to climate change of maize cultivation technology in conservation agriculture; the current state and future of forest soils in Romania; protection of agricultural soils in Moldova; soils affected by degradation in North-East Romania, and  works for the protection of soils in the Moldavian Plateau.