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Kurti: The terrorist attack in Banjska was organized by the Novi Sad Clan

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has said that the paramilitary and terrorist attack in Banjska of Zveçan was organized by the Novi Sad Clan. Kurti wrote that he is headed by the Minister of Defense of Serbia, Milosh Vucevic.

According to Kurti, he is the chairman of the state-party Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), three times elected mayor of Novi Sad with the help of Zvonko Veselinovic, and the closest friend of the brother of the President of Serbia, Andrej Vucic.

“About 40 Orthodox pilgrims to Banjska Monastery on September 24 were from Novi Sad. Perhaps it is accidental, but investigations should show this. The terrorist group on the run led by Millan Radoicic is staying in Rashka. The infamous Serbian MUP (The Ministry of Internal Affairs) gave them white and black Shkoda Oktavia cars with registration plates BG and… NS”, Kurti wrote on Facebook.

Prime Minister Kurti also said that two decades ago, the Zemun Clan ruled Serbia, and now the Novi Sad Clan has taken its place.

“Criminals in war, criminals in peace; criminals in Serbia, criminals in Kosovo. The president of the state, Aleksandar Vucic, as a ‘capo-di-tutti-capi’, is there to prove that although crime dictates the state, in fact, it is the state that dictates crime,” writes Kurti.

According to him, in the four northern municipalities of Kosovo, the terror, criminality and culture of violence of the paramilitaries of Delije (Crvena Zvezda fans) which is expressed with the nicknames of the extremists such as: Mami, Llune, Daco, Rusi, Nemac, Gile, Drago, Aco, Comi, Belli, Micko, Prki, Mrki etc., is coming to an end.

“Well, Kosovo has no jurisdiction in Serbia. Shouldn’t the EU and the US form a Special Court for the Novi Sad Clan? The Balkan mafia would experience a fatal blow, while the Balkan region would be completely opened for European democracy, legal justice, stable peace and accelerated development”, writes Kurti.