Kumbaro: Record number of tourists in Albania, 7.2 million in eight months

During the first 8 months of the current year, Albania had a record number of tourists.

Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro shared today in the social media the figures of tourists in the period January-August.

“The languages of the world that were heard everywhere in the tourist spots this year are also confirmed by the official figures. In August, Albania welcomed about 2 million foreign visitors and in total during the first eight months of the current year had a record of nearly 7.2 million visitors”, she emphasized.

Minister Kumbaro said that, “This is a figure that crowns the work of everyone, the team of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the municipalities, tour operators and above all every hotelier and professional in the sector, who has devotedly invested in making the reputation of tourism Albania”.

According to the figures published by Kumbaro, in August 2022 our country was visited by 1 710 041 tourists, while in August 2023 by 2 022 754, or 18% more.

In January-August 2022 Albania attracted 5 667 121 tourists while in the same period of 2023 it was visited by 7 190 410 tourists, or 27% more.

This figure is close to the record of 7.5 million tourists that was reached in 2022, the best year ever in tourism in terms of numbers.

During the current year, in addition to the high numbers, Albania has also experienced a ‘boom’ in the world media promotion of its tourism potentials.

Besides the visitors from Kosovo, who hold the first place in the same numbers as last year, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro, France, etc. are interesting markets during these months.

Due to the long coastline, Albania offers several beaches, from north to south, such as in Velipoja in Shkodra, in Shengjin in Lezha, in Durrës, Vlora, Himara, Saranda, etc., these beaches are frequented not only by Albanians, but also by foreign citizens, who choose Albania as a tourist destination during the summer months. Also, Gjirokastra, Berati, Butrinti, Kruja, Tirana, Shkodra, etc., are popular destinations for historical and cultural tourism.

Also, our country has conditions for year-round tourism, due to the relief, which offers opportunities for tourism from the south to the north. The tourist villages of the north of the country have recently seen a high number of tourists, while the infrastructure for adventure tourism is also being developed.

Albania also has many rivers, lagoons and national parks, which attract tourists from all over the world.