Kristian Vigenin Appointed Special Representative on Eastern Europe at OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Pia Kauma appointed Bulgarian MP Kristian Vigenin as Special Representative on Eastern Europe, the press centre of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) said Saturday.

His term includes the duty to monitor developments in the Eastern European region, to promote dialogue between all societal groups, especially at the parliamentary level, and to assist the Parliamentary Assembly in contributing to parliamentary diplomacy, confidence building, reconciliation, and dialogue facilitation. The tasks of the Special Representative also include coordination with other OSCE structures, the Parliamentary Assembly, and other local and international actors on regional issues, especially with regard to Moldova, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Vigenin is expected to provide advice on possible Parliamentary Assembly actions in the area of his new responsibilities. In this capacity, Vigenin has been tasked to join the Ukraine Parliamentary Support Team, which was established in Vancouver in July 2023, and is headed by the Parliamentary Assembly President.

The Bulgarian MP, who has been active in the Assembly for years and currently chairs the Assembly’s Social Democrats, Socialists and Progressives Group, said he appreciates the trust of his OSCE PA colleagues but is also aware of the difficulties he will face. “At the same time, I believe that my experience will help me to carry out the tasks set successfully and to make my modest contribution to achieving a lasting and just peace in Ukraine, to increasing trust in the Eastern European region, and guaranteeing the security of citizens,” Vigenin added. The Assembly’s autumn session is scheduled for November 18-20 in Yerevan, Armenia.