Kumbaro: 130 thousand visitors to Albanian Alps only in August

There has been a high number of visitors who during August had a taste of the wonders of the Albanian Alps.

“There were over 130,000 visitors to the Albanian Alps National Park in August. They chose to travel to majestic mountain peaks, paradise-like valleys, trails and rivers, confirming that mountain tourism is at its best and the map of attractions to discover expands more and more”, wrote Minister Kumbaro.

The Albanian Alps are located north of the Drin River in the northern part of the country and occupy about 8% of it.

Their average height above the sea level reaches 1500 m. Most of Albania’s peaks above 2000 m are located here.

There is the peak of Mount Jezerce 2694 m, the highest in the Alps and the second in Albania, after Korabi Mount.

The stunning beauty of the Alps is reflected in the clear waters of rivers such as Shala, Valbona, Curraj, Cemi, Moraça, etc., as well as in glacial lakes such as those of Peja, Jezerca, Dobërdol, Sylbica, etc. They offer a fabulous tranquility and an adrenaline level that changes every moment in those who enjoy the beauties of this area.