Josip Jović Memorial Centre opened in Aržano

ZAGREB, 6 Aug (Hina) – The Josip Jović Memorial Centre in honor of the first killed Croatian policeman and the first victim of the Homeland War, was opened in Aržano on Sunday, and Prime Minister Andrej Plenković was also present at the opening ceremony of the Centre in Jović’s birthplace.
The operation at Plitvice on 31 March 1991 and the death of Josip Jović at the beginning of the Homeland War remained recorded in modern Croatian history as “Bloody Easter 1991.”
Prime Minister Plenković pointed out that the sacrifice of veterans binds everyone to make the Homeland War the basis of all the principles we try to teach our youth.
The veterans gave us freedom, which is irreplaceable, the most important and which enabled us to have democracy and a state, he emphasised.
“The memorial to Josip Jović with this memorial center and memorial room will be a point of reference for many who will want to learn about what Josip gave for Croatia and what Croatian veterans did for Croatia,” Plenković said.
Veterans Minister Tomo Medved said that 1991 was a turning point in the lives of many, but also in the history of the homeland.
“Attacked by the Greater Serbian aggressor, but guided by unity, patriotism, led by the wise political leadership of Franjo Tuđman, we stood in defence of our homeland and won. We had a weapon that the enemy did not have, which is love for the homeland and the strength of unity…A shot at Josip Jović was a shot at Croatia,” said Medved.
Today we are witnesses, he added, that our homeland has been resurrected from the sacrifice of Josip Jović, as well as from the sacrifice of thousands of Croatian veterans. “After the Calvary in Vukovar, international recognition of Croatia followed, and the final victory was confirmed by the magnificent Operation Storm in honor of which our national flag will fly proudly on the fortress of Knin for centuries,” he pointed out.
The memorial centre, which will convey the truth about Josip Jović and the Homeland War, was financed by the Ministry of Croatian Veterans, Split-Dalmatia County and the Municipality of Cista Provo in the amount of €896,000.
“When we listen to the messages of those who were the aggressors, how today they try to relativize the historical truth, it must awaken in us a strong feeling and urge to constantly repeat what is the historical truth, which is that we were victims of Great Serbian aggression and that we are in that imposed war the victors”, said the President of the Croatian Parliament, Gordan Jandroković.
Before the opening of the Memorial Center, Prime Minister Plenković laid a wreath on Jović’s grave.
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