“Doamna Maria Brancoveanu”, only Dutch tulip with a Romanian name, bloomed at Potlogi Palace

The “Doamna Maria Brancoveanu” tulip, the only Dutch tulip with a Romanian name, bloomed this spring, for the first time, at the Palatul Brancovenesc in Potlogi, southern Dambovita county.

The tulip bulbs were donated last fall by the Orthodox Women’s Association from the parish of St. Gregory the Theologian in Holland.

“It was a great joy that in the autumn of last year, on October 25th, when it is St. Dumitru and it is the feast of the Biserica Domneasca / Church of the Princes in Potlogi, I received a package from Holland with 50 bulbs of a tulip that I knew nothing about that moment. I didn’t know that there was a tulip named after a historical person from Romania. Later, I found out that it is about the ‘Doamna Maria Brancoveanu’ tulip, that it is the only Dutch tulip that has a Romanian name. A Dutch grower, Christian Kolk, has registered it in the nomenclature of the Royal Association of Bulb Flower Growers in the Netherlands,” Irina Carstina, the museographer from the Curtea Domneasca Targoviste National Complex, told AGERPRES.

The “Doamna Maria Brancoveanu” tulip is a red tulip that has a golden edge and grows to a height of 50 centimeters.

At the Palatul Brancovenesc in Potlogi, renovated in 2015, the courtyard and gardens were also restored. Fruit trees were brought from the Voinesti Pomicola Station in Dambovita, and golden oaks and other types of trees were donated and planted from the nursery in Gura Foii, also in the county.

Palatul Brancovenesc in Potlogi is managed by the Targoviste Curtea Domneasca National Complex. A few tulips were also planted in the yard of the Museum of History in Targoviste.