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“I love Paris” exhibition in 25th anniversary of French Alliance in Korça

In context of the 25th anniversary of the French Alliance in Korça, there was opened the exhibition “Paris je t’aime” (I love Paris) of the well-known painter Anastas Kostandini.

The painter has put on display the works of art that materialize the memories of his trips to the French capital. These works of art were shown to the audience, not just as pieces of art, but also as an expression of Korça’s friendship and close attachment with France and its culture.

Attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition was also the ambassador of France to Albania Catherine Suard who was impressed by the “photographing” of her country on the canvas.

The Prefect of Korça region considered this exhibition as “A trip to Paris” with painter Anastas Kostandini.

“It was really a journey through the colors and brush of Pogradeci painter, yesterday afternoon among fellow citizens, friends and fans of visual arts. Appreciation and congratulations to painter Anastas Kostandini”, said Prefect Nertil Jole.

The exhibition “Paris je t’aime” was staged at the premises of the “Thimi Mitko” library. Anastas Kostandini is known by the stage name Taso. He is a painter, graphic designer, illustrator and maker of mosaics, co-author of the mosaic “Albania” on the facade of the National Historical Museum. Taso lives and works in his hometown, Pogradec. A few months ago, Taso opened a solo exhibition at the Wismar museum in Germany.