House no. 140 in Viscri, restored and preserved in situ with European funding

The house at no. 140 in the village of Viscri, the Bunesti commune, central Brasov County, erected almost 150 years ago, will be restored through European funding, and will be preserved in situ, according to a press release sent on Wednesday to AGERPRES, by the Regional Development Agency (ADR) Centru.

“Casa Noastra Viscri/Our House Viscri, the project submitted in partnership between the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation and the Brasov County Territorial Administrative Unit (UAT), signed by the president of the foundation, Mrs. Carolina Fernolend, and Mr. Simion Cretu, general manager of the ADR Centru, has a total value of over 9 million RON and proposes the restoration of an authentic cultural heritage element by completing the architectural typology,” the release reads.

Through this project, an element of regional cultural heritage will be revitalized and transformed into a multifunctional public space that will benefit the local community and tourists.

The total value of the financing contract is 9,386,506.29 RON, of which the amount of 8,612,365.06 RON represents the non-reimbursable financing.

The estimated deadline for completion of the works is September 2027.

“Our House Viscri, the house at no. 140 in the village where the inhabitants are neighbours of the King of England, will become through the restoration works and the activities provided for in the project financed through Regional Programme (PR) Centru 2021-2027 a bridge space between the old community of the village, whose aging is a reality that cannot be bypassed, and the newcomer families, usually young people with children. After restoration, house no. 140 in Viscri will become an ‘in situ’ preserved household, open to the general public for an authentic visiting experience and will represent a synthesis of the vernacular architecture of Transylvania, also recognized by the status of UNESCO site. Here there will be cooking, pottery, felting workshops, but also bicycle guide courses,” says ADR Centru.

The household complex will include the house, the annexes for tools and cattle, and from the landscape elements have been preserved and will be highlighted “the vineyard on the façade facing the courtyard of the house, the water fountain, an old tree in the front yard, fragments of traditional pavement made of river stone, the courtyard and the garden”.

The village of Viscri, one of the UNESCO objectives at regional level, will thus complete its “local tourist attractions that restore authentic emotions to tourists, following the implementation of the restoration and functional conversion project of a traditional Saxon household built almost 150 years ago”.

Viscri has its origins in the 12th century and became famous after Prince Charles bought a house here in 2006.

According to the documentation submitted, in recent years 17 young families from Bucharest, Cluj and Germany have moved to the village of Viscri, who live here permanently and who actively contribute to the development of the “new community” and to the heritage revitalization activities.

“Tourists say that in Viscri everything invites you to dream, to introspection, to eternity, colours, shapes, contours, materials, light, warmth, calm. Household no. 140 will be used as a place of socialization for the members of the local community, where they will be able to participate in cultural activities, organize or celebrate various important events in the community,” ADR Centru adds.