Greece made significant progress in improving its rule of law, says annual EU report

Greece has made progress in four of five recommendations on improving the rule of law in the country, the European Commission noted in its Rule of Law Report for 2022, released on Wednesday.
Specifically, Greece made significant progress in following recommendations in these areas:
– Ensuring the effective and systematic verification of the accuracy of asset disclosures filed by all types of public officials
– Increasing efforts to establish a robust track record of prosecutions and final judgments in corruption cases
– Ensuring that registration requirements for civil society organisations are proportionate in view of maintaining an open framework for them to operate
– Establishing safeguards to improve the working conditions and physical safety of journalists, although legislative safeguards are yet to be established, taking into account European standards on journalists’ protection.
One area Greece made little progress, the report said, is in addressing the need for involvement of the judiciary in the appointment of the president and vice-president of the Council of State, the Supreme Court and the Court of Audit, by taking into account European standards on judicial appointments.