Grain Growers, Agricultural Processors End Protests

The grain growers and agricultural processors ended their two-day nationwide protests. The demonstrations were provoked by the lifting of a ban on Ukrainian food imports by the Bulgarian Parliament on September 14.

The Initiative committee of the nationwide agricultural protests is holding a meeting with government representatives at the Council of Ministers. The farmers are pushing for two deadlines in the agreement with the government in order to sign it.

Earlier on Wednesday, at the beginning of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said that the government had shown how it would continue to work in the future – “by making concrete commitments that it can fulfil and seeking the best solutions to problems through negotiations”. In his words, the commitments made by the cabinet are to be shaped as documents, which will be signed by government representatives, so that it is clear who will implement them.

Denkov also said that at Wednesday’s government meeting the cabinet provided additional BGN 63 million for the farmers. The procedures for receiving the funds will be facilitated so that the money reaches the farmers as soon as possible. The cabinet is also working to resolve the issue of sunflower import from Ukraine. There will be no imports of sunflower from Ukraine unless the quantity is regulated by a quota, Denkov said on Tuesday.