Gov’t to host event on European Employers’ Association of Business Women launch

Representatives of the authorities and the business environment will participate, on Monday, in the debate “PEFA: Gender Equality. Agenda 2030,” on the occasion of the launch of the European Employers’ Business Women.

“The creation of the European Employers’ Association of Business Women is a strong manifestation of our determination to overcome barriers and create a business environment that promotes gender equality. Achieving this goal requires a collective effort, a partnership with state authorities and an ongoing, committed commitment to act as agents of change and to build a future where women and men have an equal chance of success,” said Andreea Negru, the president of the organisation.

In turn, the organisation’s first vice-president, Lorena Stoian, believes that “we must use this opportunity to work together, to strengthen partnerships and to make gender equality a reality, collaborating with similar organisations in the European Union to become a powerful catalyst for change and progress.”

“Gender Equality. Agenda 2030” conference brings together issues of general interest and promotes equal and fair treatment for women and men in all aspects of life, including access to education, employment, pay and involvement in politics and society.

“The Romanian Government is hosting this event on the contribution of women entrepreneurs to the development of the economy and to the social health of the country precisely to encourage Romanian women to get more involved and to trust that their involvement will generate a positive impact. I wish much success to the new European Employers’ Association of Business Women, to which we will be an open partner in order to generate a more friendly climate for women doing business in Romania,” said Roxana Minzatu, secretary of state with the Department for Integrated Evaluation and Monitoring of Programmes Financed from Public and European Funds.

The European Employers’ Association of Business Women – PEFA, member of the National Council of Small and Medium-Sized Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR), is the only nationally representative employers’ organisation for SMEs.

According to the organisers, they will deliver messages at the conference, among others: Andreea Negru – PEFA president, Florin Jianu – CNIPMMR president, Ramona Chiriac – Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Anna Akhalkatsi – Country Manager for Romania and Hungary, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank, Alexandru Ghigiu – Head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Natalia Intotero – Minister of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities, Daniel Suciu – Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, and Elisabeta Lipa – President of the National Agency for Sport.

The event will be hosted by the Department for Integrated Evaluation and Monitoring of Programmes Financed from Public and European Funds, within the Romanian Government.