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Government introduces scheme for implementation of ISO standard for corruption

The Cabinet approved on Wednesday the promotion of a Scheme addressed to organisations of the public, broader public and private sector, for the development and implementation of the ISO 37001 Standard, an internationally recognised Standard against bribery and corruption.

A press release by the Ministry of Justice, says that the scheme falls under the Recovery and Resilience Plan for Cyprus and 2 million euro will be allocated as a sponsorship to approximately 120 organisations of the public, broader public and private sector to cover costs up to 60% for the private sector, which is related to the market of consulting services as well as certification services, for the adoption of the specific Standard.

A detailed guide has been prepared and will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order at

It includes in detail the categories of beneficiary organisations, the terms of participation in the Plan, the maximum sponsorship amounts to cover part of the costs related to the purchase of consulting services as well as certification services, as well as all the criteria/conditions/specifications and the procedures that will be applied during the implementation.

The Ministry points out that given that the prevention and fight against corruption is very high on the Government’s priorities, the Cabinet  invited the competent Ministers to take all the necessary actions in order to promote the participation of specific Departments of public service in the Scheme, which due to the nature and object of their work, it is deemed appropriate to apply to obtain the Standard.

The submission of applications begins immediately and all private sector bodies are invited to participate.