Government introduces plastic bag ban

The Government has passed the Bill on Waste Management that bans use of lightweight plastic bags, said Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ana Novakovic Djurovic.

She underscored that it was the most important law in the environmental protection area and that its application could permanently positively change the ecological face of Montenegro.

“Most important novelty introduced by the bill is the ban of use of lightweight plastic carrier bags, with a wall thickness between 15 and 50 microns, at retail establishments”, said Novakovic Djurovic.

According to the press release from the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, she said that the ban would start being implementing six months from the day of the bill’s entering into force.

Novakovic Djurovic announced formation of an inspection tasked to control implementation of the local waste management plans, adding that the reason behind this decision is inefficient control carried out by municipal inspection and municipal police.

She also announced introduction of the Extended Producer Responsibility Program which would extend the importers and producers’ financial and operational responsibility for a product, including its proper disposal, once it becomes waste.