Government adopts 6th anti-inflation package worth €503m

ZAGREB, 14 March (Hina) -В The government on Thursday adopted the sixth package of measures В aimed at shielding households and the economy from escalating prices, worth €503 million, ensuring the continuation of stable electricity and gas prices, as well as providing assistance to retirees, veterans, and socially vulnerable citizens.

The new measures ensure the continuation of stable electricity and gas prices and extend assistance to retirees, veterans, and socially vulnerable citizens.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said the new set of measures has two main objectives –maintaining affordable energy prices and reducing inflationary pressures.

A total of €389 million is intended for maintaining energy prices and additional €114 million to combat inflation.

The temporary energy price cap measure is extended until 30 September, maintaining the current price levels.

For businesses, energy prices are capped for consumption of up to 250,000 kWh over a six-month period. For consumption exceeding this threshold, negotiated prices with electricity suppliers apply, with the rate remaining at €62 per kilowatt-hour.

The gas price remains unchanged, with subsidies provided to household consumers to offset the difference between the actual price and a predetermined benchmark.

The price for thermal energy remains the same for 159,000 users of central heating systems.

The price ceiling for 30 basic food products remains in place.

Assistance for retirees, veterans, and socially vulnerable groups

The government also adopted a decision to provide a one-time financial assistance payment to pensioners to alleviate the impact of rising living costs. Retirees with pensions up to €320 will receive a one-time payment of €160, while those with pensions between €320 and €460В will receive €120. Pensioners with pensions from €460 to €600 will receive €80, and for those with pensions ranging from €600 to €730В the allowance will be €60. Those with pensions ranging from €730 to €880 will receive €50. This measure applies to 830,000 pensioners.

Unemployed Homeland War veterans will receive a one-time payment of €100.

To shield socially vulnerable groups from energy cost increases, the eligibility period for enhanced compensation is extended by six months.

Providers of social services, including accommodation and home care, will receive funds to cover energy costs.

Reimbursement for diesel fuel, compensation to HEP

Additionally, the government approved reimbursement of diesel fuel costs inВ commercial road passenger transport for the next year.

Approval was also granted for reimbursing the difference to the Croatian power company HEPВ for business customers affected by fluctuating energy prices.

These measures represent a concerted effort by the government to manage inflationary pressures and safeguard vulnerable groups of society while promoting economic stability.