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Georgi Gospodinov’s Poetry Book Nominated for French Malarmé Prize for Translated Poetry

Georgi Gospodinov’s poetry book There, where we are not (2016) has been nominated for the French Malarmé Prize for translated poetry, Gospodinov wrote on his Facebook profile page.

“I am very happy that the poetry book There, where we are not in the wonderful translation by Marie Vrinat-Nikolov has been selected by the members of the Malarmé Academy among the 6 nominated books for the Malarmé Prize for translated poetry,” Gospodinov said and thanked the translator Vrinat-Nikolov.

The Malarmé Prize for foreign translation was created in 2022 and aims to highlight the work of translators who contribute to the expansion of literary horizons, and the importance of foreign poetry translated into French.

The award of the Malarmé Academy will be presented during the Book Fair in Brive-la-Gaillarde, which will take place from November 8 to 10. The prize is worth EUR 3,800 and the amount is given by the city authorities. Along with the prize money, they also grant a month’s stay in Brive-la-Gaillarde to the winning artist.

Georgi Gospodinov won the international Booker Prize in 2023 for his novel Timeshelter, whose English translation was done by Angela Rodel.

Gospodinov is the author of books of poetry and prose, including Lapidarium (1992), The Cherry Tree of a Nation (1996, 1998), Letters to Gaustin (2003), Natural Novel (1999, 2000, in French – 2002), And Other Stories (2001, in French – 2003), The Physics of Sorrow (2011), and Timeshelter (2020).