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Gender Equality Alliance: Only 21.3% of Macedonian companies had women in top management

Skopje, 18 March 2024 (MIA) – It is a myth that men and women have equal opportunities to hold high leadership positions in Macedonian businesses, the fact is that only 21.3 percent of businesses in North Macedonia had women in top management posts in the company, said Gender Equality Alliance’s project and marketing coordinator Bojana Gjorgieva presenting Monday the results of the campaign titled “Myth vs. Fact: Uncovering the Truth about Gender Equality” on occasion of International Women’s Day.

Citing World Bank data, Gjorgieva said it is also a myth that men and women share equal responsibilities when it comes to household chores, in reality, she said, women in North Macedonia devote 2.8 times as much time to unpaid domestic work as men.

The goal of the Alliance’s campaign was to reveal the misconceptions that are present on these issues and to highlight the reality regarding gender equality and the challenges faced by certain individuals.

Nina Angelovska, the head of the Gender Equality Alliance, stressed that girls and women shouldn’t create an additional barrier for themselves, referring to a lack of self-confidence.

“I believe that all of us here are contributing, among you there are many examples who with your presence, energy, knowledge and encouragement, are contributing to the removal of this barrier because we can really make an impact here. With all of this the Alliance aims to contribute to greater confidence,” said Angelovska.

At Monday’s event in Skopje, the Alliance handed several recognitions to women and businesses that support their work.

First Lady Elizabeta Georgievska also received a recognition for her support. In her address at the event, she noted other issues faced by girls and women, such as child marriages, inequality in education and health care.

“We will have to stop relativizing these narratives by portraying them as traditional values, cultural norms, a financial and health crisis. In any case, we must work now and immediately to solve these issues systemically,” said Georgievska.

The Alliance on Gender Equality in the workplace is an initiative of the Macedonian E-Commerce Association and works for an inclusive culture and equality.