Gastrade’s FSRU at the anchorage of Alexandroupolis port

The specially designed tanker of Gastrade, the offshore natural gas storage and regasification unit – about 300 meters long – which was converted into an FSRU at the Keppel shipyard in Singapore, sailed into the berth of Alexandroupolis port on Sunday.

The vice-president and managing director of Gastrade SA, Konstantinos Sifnaios, described to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) the timetable for the mooring of the converted ship in the sea area of Alexandroupolis and the operation of the FSRU, the new natural gas entry gate in South-Eastern Europe, which is of strategic importance for energy infrastructure security as it differentiates the energy map in terms of natural gas supply sources.

“The tanker is already at the anchorage of the port of Alexandroupolis and the day after tomorrow it is expected to leave for its permanent anchorage which is 17 kilometers – about ten nautical miles – southwest of the port opposite Makri…”,  Sifneos explained, noting that within a week at the latest – depending on the weather conditions – with the help of special tugs, the tying of the ship with 12 anchors, six in front and six in back, will be completed.