Forty Romanian firefighters redeployed from Attica area to Rhodes to help put out wildfires

Forty Romanian firefighters, who are currently in the Attica area of Greece, will be redeployed to the island of Rhodes, heavily affected by uncontrolled wildfires.

“Considering the dynamics of wildfires in Greece, another 40 Romanian firefighters who are part of module I positioned in the Attica area will be redeployed to support their colleagues on the island of Rhodes, a territory strongly affected by uncontrolled wildfires. Thus, the 40 Romanian rescuers, with three forest fire extinguishing machines, a special fire extinguishing vehicle with a large capacity – 10 tonnes of water – a car for personal transport, will begin the relocation to the island of Rhodes by sea,” the General Emergency Management Inspectorate (IGSU) reported on Wednesday.

From Thursday, 92 Romanian firefighters will be prepared to intervene in support of their Greek counterparts to manage situations that may endanger the lives and property of the communities on the island of Rhodes.

The missions carried out by the Romanian firefighters are directly coordinated by a Greek liaison officer and will consist in containing the spread of the fire towards inhabited areas, maintaining a line of protection between the front of the fire and the unaffected area, as well as supplying water to other special vehicles that will act in the affected areas.