Mixum, first online series about traditional cuisine of Danube Delta and people having preserved it

A tour operator from Tulcea county launched this week on YouTube a video series about the Danube Delta cuisine and the people who have preserved the specific gastronomy of the area, Mixum being the first product of its kind launched online so far.

Iliuta Goean, the initiator of the Mixum video series, who is also the director of a company that promotes slow tourism in the Danube Delta, told AGERPRES that every Monday at 08:00 on his YouTube channel he will publish an episode with a specific dish from the Delta and the story of the chef who has preserved it.

“Even if all over Romania we have a fabulous gastronomy, in Dobruja it is the most diverse due to multiculturalism, multiethnicity. The multitude of peoples who have come and stayed here have developed an incredibly diverse gastronomy, but above all a very good one. Of course people have kept only the best. And then it’s a shame not to promote this gastronomy. I want to revive old recipes which, although they are being preserved in the Balkans and were used a lot here, have been kind of lost. I would like to bring them back to the everyday table of Romanians, especially in Romanian tourism, and I want everyone to know how interesting Dobruja is and that it is worth visiting, not just for the food,” said Iliuta Goean.

“I have been selfish and I have selected the recipes according to my taste. We filmed with our partners in Mila 23, a locality that is the pole of the Delta cuisine. I’ve been all over the Delta, but there is nowhere else in the Delta with such a great number of places where one can eat as in Mila 23. In every village there is probably an exceptional place, but such a complete number as in a village like Mila 23 does not exist. It’s not just a dull recipe. I would also like to present the people, because they’re the ones who work. Many times, people sit at the table, eat and don’t even know who was behind the recipe. It’s not okay. People need to be brought forward and introduced. Otherwise you eat when you know who has cooked for you and that the person is a wonderful one,” said Iliuta Goean.

The first episode of the Mixum series launched this week features the recipe for garlic sauce made in a bottle, and in the first three days has garnered over 700 views.