FM: Croatia supports recognising Palestine, but only when it can be implemented

ZAGREB, 6 June (Hina) – Croatia is “absolutely in favour of recognising the Palestinian state,” but only when it can be implemented, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman said on Thursday.

At the end of May, Spain, Ireland, and Norway recognised Palestine, expressing hope that this would accelerate the achievement of peace in Gaza. On Tuesday, the Slovenian parliament also approved the recognition of an independent Palestinian state, while the Danish parliament rejected it last week.

On Thursday, Grlić Radman stated that Croatia is “an absolute and sincere advocate of a two-state solution,” but that needs to result from negotiations between the two parties, which is why it is essential to “revive the peace process.”

“We are absolutely for the recognition of the Palestinian state, but the territory must be defined, along with all the attributes that determine a state, such as governance, symbols, a flag, currency, and everything that represents a state as a state,” said the Croatian diplomat in a statement on the sidelines of the Croatian Diplomacy Day celebration.

“What does recognition mean if it cannot be implemented? You must have the political will of both sides,” Grlić Radman continued.

He underscored that Croatia advocates the cessation of escalation and that its policy since the beginning of the conflict, has been “credible, consistent, and affirmative.”

Croatia has condemned the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel and called for the unconditional release of hostages, the opening of humanitarian corridors, and the delivery of humanitarian aid in Gaza, the minister noted.