Postage set ‘Specialized World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2024’ to hit the stores on Tuesday

National Stamp Company Romfilatelia is putting into circulation on Tuesday the postage set “Specialized World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2024”, which includes three postage stamps, a perforated souvenir sheet, a first day cover, and a special stamp folder that marks the sixth edition of this event.

The three stamps and the perforated souvenir sheet feature several events related to national history, postal history and philately, Romfilatelia said in a release.

The RON 4 stamp is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union, the RON 6 stamp is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the printing, in 1874, of the first fiscal stamps by the Bucharest Stamp Factory, while the RON 22 postage stamp commemorates the 165th anniversary of the Union of the Romanian Principalities and depicts the first three stamps of the Principalities issued in 1862, on which Moldavia’s and Wallachia’s coats of arms are presented together.

The souvenir sheet is RON 33 and reproduces the image of a postcard in which King Carol II and famous German stamp collector Heinrich Birnbach appear together as characters in front of an exhibit of the EFIRO 1932 Philatelic Exhibition.

The first day cover of the set presents the EFIRO 2024 logo and a fragment of the Universal Post Monument in Bern, against elements of the Romanian Principalities map as background.

More than 600 foreign exhibitors, over 20 postal administrations and 120 foreign officials, jurors, experts and national commissioners have confirmed their participation in the sixth edition of the World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2024 that will open on Tuesday at the National Library of Romania.

In parallel with the exhibition there will be sessions of the FIP Jury Academy, four international seminars, the Congress of the International Association of Philatelic Journalists, and the second Fiscal Philately World Show. Stamps and philatelic materials will be issued, dedicated to this event, to the capital city of Romania, and to the events celebrated both by the organizers and by foreign postal entities.