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Flights in Cyprus increase in September, recover compared to 2019

The number of flights to and from Cyprus increased by 22.1% in September 2023 compared to September 2022, from 7,310 flights to 8,924 flights, while increasing by 7.9% in the EU (from 561,638 to 605,806), according to the latest monthly Eurocontrol data, published by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.

Flights in Cyprus also increased by 5.9% compared to September 2019, while in the EU the figure remained 8.9% lower than the flight count for the same month in 2019.

The same trend was visible throughout June – August, both regarding the EU as well as Cyprus.

In the EU, there was a significant increase during the summer months compared with 2022 – June (6.9%), July (7.4%) and August (6.6%), but the figures were still below those from 2019: June (-10.4%), July (-9.0%) and August (-8.5%).

In Cyprus, summer months saw an even more significant increase compared to 2022: June (21.0%), July (23.8%) and August (22.6%). There was also a small recovery compared to 2019: June (0.4%), July (6.1%) and August (6.8%).

Looking at the country data for September 2023, only 6 countries have exceeded their flight counts from 2019. Greece (+10.9%), Portugal (+9.0%), Cyprus (+5.9%), Croatia (+2.6%), Ireland (+1.4%) and Malta (+0.7%) have surpassed the 2019 figures and have seen an increase in the number of flights.

In contrast, Latvia (-30.4%), Finland (-30.2%), Estonia (-25.4%), Sweden (-24.1%) and Slovenia (-22.9%) are far from the 2019 figures.