First edition of international street theatre festival, SEASTREET, between July 28 and 30

The first edition of the international street theatre festival – SEASTREET – will take place for three days, between July 28 and 30, in southeastern Constanta.

“The festival is funded mainly by the City Hall of Constanta, but also by the Constanta County Council (through the Constanta State Theatre, which is also the executive producer of the event),” a press release sent to AGERPRES informs.

Seven international street theatre companies from France, Colombia, Spain, Italy and Romania will present performances of percussion, acrobatics, oversized puppets, dance, interactive installations, parades, traveling singers and others in three places in Constanta.

The main performances will take place in Ovidiu Square, and the parades will take place on Tomis Boulevard – the route between Constanta’s zero kilometer and the Lupa Capitolina statue – and on the waterfront of the Casino in Constanta.

According to the organizers, two of the main shows, in Ovidiu Square, are created by Remue Menage, one of the most famous street theater groups in France.

The company Planete Vapeur from France brings to Ovidiu Square, on the second day of the festival, a real “Microcosmos”.

Among the parade performances, which will enliven Tomis boulevard and Faleza Casino, AAINJAA, which “says Hola!” that is, greetings, it is one of the most impressive percussion companies in the world, founded in Colombia and then established in Spain.

The Mademoiselle Paillette troupe comes from France and invites the public first to a white world, “White World”, animated by strange characters, dressed very differently, but, at the same time, similar. The troupe is led by the giant Balloon Woman, in the role of queen, accompanied by her faithful servants and guards, gondoliers and amazing creatures, all in white.

On the second day of the festival, the same band, but a red world, “Red World”, an impressive show, a mix of artists in costumes partially covered by balloons, thus creating a unique, dreamlike effect.

The El Carromato company brings from Spain giant marionettes, “Big Dancers”, four meters high, costumes and colored lights, choreographic moments that create a magical, electrifying, street party atmosphere, inviting the public to dance and have fun.

The company Grande Cantagiro Barattoli from Italy, which is always on the road, in the spirit of the old tradition of musicians and itinerant puppeteers, comes with the “Puppet Street Orchestra”, a musical theater that amazes adults and children alike.