Farmers to have fresh meeting with ministry – protest group

Andrea Papa, one of the spokespersons of the Riscatto Agricolo (Agricultural Redemption) farmers’ group that is part of the movement that have been staging tractor protests in many parts of Italy, said Monday that agricultural associations has been called to fresh talks at the agriculture ministry.

The Italian tractor-protest movement appeared to split into pro-government and anti-government camps on Saturday after Premier Giorgia Meloni promised help during talks with agricultural associations on Friday.

Some farmers expressed satisfaction at the dialogue and decided to go home.

Others, including Papa, said the talks had only led to “promises” and pledged that the protests would continue.

Among the commitments the government made on Friday was to drop plans to scrap an exemption on income-tax Irpef for farmers.

The administration said it would change the tax break so it is better targetted to those in need.

Relations with Parliament Minister Luca Ciriani said that the government will present the promised measures on Monday in the form of an amendment to the miscellaneous Milleproroghe bill that is already in parliament.