Farmers confirm tractor protest on Rome ring road Friday

Agricultural Redemption, one of the groups involved in the tractor protests gripping Italy against European and national agricultural policies and general hardship in the sector, confirmed Friday that it would hold a procession of vehicles on Rome’s motorway ring road later in the day, although the time still had to be decided.

“We confirm that there will be a procession of tractors on the ring road tonight,” said Roberto Rosati, one of the spokesmen for farmers from Abruzzo at the rallying point organised by Agricultural Redemption on Via Nomentana.

“Only the time has yet to be established.

It should be around 9pm,” he added.

On Thursday Agricultural Redemption announced that it had scrapped a major rally of tractors in Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni Friday in order not to undermine public support and said it would instead only send a symbolic delegation of 10 vehicles to the iconic Roman square, as well as four tractors to the Colosseum.

The group also said it has asked for a meeting with Premier Giorgia Meloni and Farm Minister Francesco Lollobrigida.

“We are waiting for an answer by Saturday,” said Maurizio Sanigagliesi, another spokesman.

Agricultural Redemption is threatening to “unleash” its tractors around the capital unless is gets an affirmative answer by noon Saturday.