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Exports to Great Britain increased by more than 3 times during 11-month period

Albanian exports to the United Kingdom have increased by more than 3 times in the January-November period of this year, compared to the same period a year ago.

Referring to the report published by the Institute of Statistics, exports to Great Britain reached 6.2 billion ALL at the end of the 11- month period of this year, from 2 billion ALL recorded in the 11- month period of 2022.

Unlike exports, imports increased at lower rates. According to statistics, at the end of the 11 month period they hit about 8 billion ALL, from 6.7 billion ALL in the same period of 2022.

After exiting the European Union, Albania has signed at the beginning of 2021 a partnership, trade and cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

The agreement ensures that commodities originating from the United Kingdom and Albania benefit from the same reciprocal preferential tariff treatment as they did when the United Kingdom was part of the European Union.

Referring to official analyses and data, there is still an untapped potential of trade relations between the two countries.