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EU Keeps Greenhouse Gas Emissions Downward Trend in 2023, Bulgaria Records Second-largest Drop among Member States

The downward trend in the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions continued throughout 2023 with a decrease of just over 5%, according to Eurostat data released this week.

EU Member States released more than 3.4 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases in 2023. This is 5.1% less than in 2022, when about 3.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent were released, Reuters calculations based on Eurostat data show.

Bulgaria emitted 47.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, or about 1.4% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to BTA calculations based on Eurostat data.

The country cut greenhouse gas emissions by almost a fifth (-19.6%) in 2023, recording the second-largest drop following Estonia (-27%).

In the fourth quarter of last year, Bulgaria ranked second among the EU Member States with the largest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Following Estonia (-23%), this country registered a decrease of nearly 17% year-on-year.