Environment ministry to fund 52 urban reforestation projects

Over 2.5 million trees are to be planted in 14 metropolitan cities under 52 urban reforestation projects that have been accepted for funding as part of Italy’s post-Covid national recovery and resilience plan (NRRP), the environment and energy security ministry (Mase) said on Wednesday.

This is the outcome of the second public call issued under the country’s ‘Urban and Suburban Forestation Plan’ involving tree planting over approximately 2,500 hectares and costing over 113 million euros.

It comes on top of the 35 projects already approved in the first public call of 2022, which have already led to the planting of more than two million trees, exceeding the first NRRP target, according to the ministry.

The new projects will now also make it possible to exceed the intermediate target, set for December 31, 2024, of planting 4.5 million seeds or plants, as per Italy’s revised NRRP approved by EU finance ministers at the ECOFIN meeting in Brussels on December 8.

The good result of the second call consolidates the urban forestation activities funded by Mase, which are useful for improving citizens’ quality of life and well-being by responding to key issues such as air pollution, the impact of climate change and the loss of biodiversity,” said Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto.