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Deputy Ministry of Tourism hosts Cypriot enogastronomy promotion event in Tochni

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism held on Friday another successful event promoting Cypriot enogastronomy in Tochni, Larnaca district.

According to a press release from the Deputy Ministry, renowned German journalist Sven Rahn, with over 30 years of experience in enogastronomy, and a writer for major German publications, was the special guest. Rahn had the unique opportunity to prepare traditional Cypriot dishes under the support of Deputy Minister Kostas Koumis.

During their meeting, Rahn and Koumis engaged in an in-depth discussion about Cypriot gastronomy and local products.

Rahn’s week-long visit to Cyprus included tours of notable local food production units, wineries, and participation in various hands-on activities. His experiences on the island left him deeply impressed, particularly with Commandaria, which he described as the best sweet wine he has ever tasted.

“The distinguished visitor left Cyprus with the best impressions of the destination, enthusiastic about Commandaria, which he considers the best sweet wine he has ever tried,” the statement read.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism is focusing on designing targeted and specialised actions that highlight authentic flavors and provide unforgettable gastronomic experiences for visitors. This strategy is part of the Deputy Ministry’s broader effort to prioritise enogastronomy.