Delta Dunarii Int’l Airport of Tulcea brought to Schengen standards, with 180 million RON financing

The EU funds’ 180 million RON upgrading works of the Delta Dunarii / Danube Delta airport in eastern Tulcea were completed in the spring, with it being brought up to Schengen standards, under the coordination of a Bucharest builder, a press release from Concelex sent to AGERPRES on Thursday, informs.

The expansion and modernization of the airport were completed in 18 months, to which two more months were added for the design part, by the association of the companies Concelex SRL and Consteel Company SRL.

The works at the Tulcea airport included: the modernization and expansion of the passenger terminal, the modernization of the boarding-disembarkation platform by building an assembly consisting of a fixed 9-metre long tunnel and a mobile 32-metre long tunnel, the modernization of the Alfa taxiway (built in 1973) and the construction of the platform dedicated to aircraft de-icing/anti-icing activities.

With an area of 9,300 square meters, the Delta Dunarii International Airport of Tulcea also benefits from a control system with three security filters for passengers, six booths for the Border Police, five check-in counters and three boarding gates.

Following the modernization works, the passenger terminal will be able to serve a passenger traffic of up to 400 people/hour, offering an increased level of passenger comfort.

Concelex is an integrated construction company, present on the market since 1994, and has a team of over 1,100 construction employees, responsible for building, civil engineering, infrastructure and energy projects, for clients from the public and private spheres. The company operates throughout Romania, but also in European Union countries, such as Germany and Austria.