Defense Ministry says is working on shorter basic military training concept

ZAGREB, 17 Jan (Hina) – The Defense Ministry said on Wednesday it was working on the concept of shorter basic military training, with state secretary Zdravko Jakob saying in parliament the model will be known as soon as possible.

Jutarnji List daily reported today that Defense Minister Ivan Anušić

was tasked with introducing a month-long mandatory military training after secondary school, as part of which everyone would be trained in first aid, handling weapons, and nuclear and chemical protection.

The ministry said the daily’s report had nothing to do with the concept it was working on.

Jakob said the military training model would respond to the security demands of Croatia and the organizations its Armed Forces, Defense Ministry and Croatia were part.

If you have a more trained soldier and officer, you are more prepared, he said. The ministry “is looking for the best possible solution. It’s a current issue and we’ll see which solution we’ll come out with,” he said, adding that every option is on the table.

There are enough people in the Armed Forces to conduct the training, he said, adding that the ministry and the military “are always ready to respond to their tasks, in line with the law and the constitution.”

The money for this purpose will be ensured and certain funds for military training are envisaged this year already, he added.