Defense ministers sees off 13th military contingent to Poland

ZAGREB, 23 Jan (Hina) – Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ivan Anušić on Tuesday saw off the 13th contingent of the Croatian Armed Forces (HRVCON) to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Poland.

The contingent has 69 members, including six women, and attending the send-off at the Bilogora Barracks in Bjelovar was also the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, Admiral Robert Hranj.

Anušić told the soldiers that he is confident that they will perform their tasks successfully, and that serving in the mission is an opportunity for them to exchange knowledge, experience and skills with members of the best armies in the world.

He told reporters that as a minister, he will continue to advocate for improving the material and other rights of soldiers.

Regarding the reintroduction of military conscription, Anušić noted that the topic should not be a subject of political wrangling and that it requires a political consensus.

The tasks of the Battle Group in Poland relate to the development of combat readiness and strengthening of interoperability through training and exercises, continuous improvement of deployment plans and defense planning, and integration with Polish defense plans.

In addition to the Croatian army and the armed forces of the leading nation, the USA, the Battle Group also comprises members of the armed forces of the United Kingdom and Romania. The Battle Group reinforces the 15th Mechanized Brigade of the Republic of Poland, the host country.