Czech investments are of particular interest for Montenegro

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – At a meeting with Czech Minister of Transport Martin Kupka, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy Nik Gjeloshaj said that investments from the Czech Republic were of particular interest for the economic development of Montenegro.

According to a press release issued by the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, Gjeloshaj welcomed the Czech delegation to Montenegro and thanked them for their support for the European integration process.

“The Government of Montenegro is fully committed to the European agenda, and therefore, we would to enhance cooperation in all relevant spheres, especially in the economy and infrastructure,” said Gjeloshaj.

He added that investments from European Union countries like the Czech Republic were of particular interest to Montenegro, not only for its economic development but also for the values they promoted.

“The Government of Montenegro will be a sincere partner and friend to all credible Czech investors,” stated Gjeloshaj.

Kupka said that the Czech Republic recognized the commitment of the Montenegrin Government to reforms and the Euro-Atlantic direction, adding that Montenegro enjoyed the full support of the Czech Republic in the European integration processes.

Gjeloshaj and Kupka also discussed the possibility of cooperation and investments in Montenegro in different economic sectors, such as infrastructure and green energy.