Cross-border unit for emergency situations becomes operational in Maramures county

A cross-border unit for emergency situations synchronized with the one in the Ukrainian region Transcarpatia has become operational in the Baia Mare City, Maramures county, according to the prefect of this county, Rudolf Stauder.

“We are glad to announce the completion of a remarkable project, “COMAND – Synchronization of operational emergency situations in border regions,” which led to significant changes in our approach of the critical situations in the border area. This is a moment for celebration and also an occasion to look back at what we’ve done so far, at the obstacles that we’ve overcome and the achievements that we’ve made through our joint efforts. Our close partnership with the State Department for Emergency Situations of the Ukrainian region Transcarpatia helped us to bring innovation and efficiency in our emergency situations responses. Also, I want to say that the complete digitalisation of the communications network for emergency situations in the Transcarpatia region it’s not just a technical upgrade, but it also strengthens our capacity to respond faster and more efficiently to challenges,” said Rudolf Stauder.

According to him, the new unit functions within the Maramures Inspectorate for Emergency Situations using state of the art technology.

“The expansion of the SMURD building and its endowment created not just an efficient coordination unit, but also a space fit for the meetings of the County Committee for Emergency Situations, which ensures the optimum coordination and management of the emergency operations. And I also need to emphasise the considerable efforts made by the Maramures County Council and our partners in Ukraine,” said Rudolf Stauder.